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Comments: hi HaNi
To let you know ..much/deepest respect for all your great productions/music you gave us in all those years. True originality/genius always shows and lasts. I only recently found out about  your extensive  new site, after many years not finding any new records over here, I have been a fan of your music since
”Intergalactic Beats” (my first introduction to House/Techno, ”Sister
”Sister Moon”, ”Earth Song” etc. Great to see your music availible so complete, and incredible to see how much there is. I am lucky to have a lot of your records (incl Hani/Agrub from 1991, I guess your first production). Great to read the music was inside you from childhood time already, creating your own sound combined with studying the technicals, discovering, hard work, etc. I dig your sound and beats. Best of luck to you for always, and thank you for the music.

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