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Alanis Morissette – Not As We (Jack Shaft ReMix)


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I discovered this song when I was watching the show House one evening in 2007 . I was able spot Alanis’s voice &  instantly looked it up online to purchase it .  I couldn’t go to sleep that night without trying what i heard in mind. “Not AS WE” was loosely played and sung by Alanis without any metronome.  I spent hours working on locking & syncing her piano and singing to my drums.  By 3 a.m. i had figured out the direction i wanted to take this.   At first i was going give it away as bootleg remix then I  thought let me try the legit rout first. . I emailed a quick demo of my work to Orlando Puerta at Warner Brothers. Few days later he called & told me to wait as they do have plans on releasing this as a single.  I was very happy to be able work on a song I genuinely loved . When i got the parts I went back and redid my hours worth of work all over again locking the song to the beat.


Additional Production & Remix by Hani @ NUM Sound , nyc

Due to the lack of  funds & total disregard by Record Labels,  Most of my work is not available anywhere  online.  I’ve put an extensive effort in Remastering all my Productions &  Remixes to make them available here on . I had to do this  before i die to save this work from extinction because no one else will .  

With your support this music will live on forever . The money i make here goes to  keeping this site alive & running .


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