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Due to the massive radio success of my flashback bootleg mix of “Cry Me A River” by Justin Timberlake , I got hired by J Records / Hosh Gureli to work on the next Christina Aguilera single “Fighter” .  The heavy rock vibe of the song did have radio appeal. So my mission was to pair it with retro disco or r&b track . This song was very tricky. 2003 unlike today,  i did not have software like Mixed in Key to help me figure out the direction of my Mash-Up. I had to try every possible record out there and that took lots of  days .  I eventually found the perfect candidate . Both Christina & Hosh loved the idea at first listen.  Christina however, thought the track is not perfectly tuned to her vocals.  At first i was not sure but after double checking,  guess what ?  She was right! Went back and fixed its tuning which was off by a hair. SICK EARS HUH!

J Records never intended on clearing the samples used here which mean it will never be released officially.

Again, it leaked to radio & you know the rest .

On the CD pic its early name was  (Fighter num remix).

Christina Aguilera -Fighter (Hani Flashback Mix) Remaster

Christina Aguilera -Fighter (Hani Ext Flashback Mix) Remaster


Additional Production & Remix by Hani @ NUM Sound , NYC.

Due to the lack of  funds & total disregard by Record Labels,  Most of my work is not available anywhere  online.  I’ve put an extensive effort in Remastering all my Productions &  Remixes to make them available here on . I had to do this  before i die to save this work from extinction because no one else will .  

With your support this music will live on forever . The money i make here goes to  keeping this site alive & running moreover, it will encourage me to go on doing what I do best. 


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