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Michael Jackson – Earth Song (HaNi’s ReMixes) ReMaster*


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Hmmmm, not sure where to begin telling this story without mentioning what an incredible story it is. I gave this song everything i got . When i first heard the “HIStory” album,  “Earth Song”  jumped at me!!!.  I was simply blown away by this masterpiece . I was not shy or intimidated to mess with it a bit.

Back in 1995 i only had one sampler . It only had room for 3 min of sampling time. I had to do this in 2 parts to fit what i needed. I remember how many times i got chills listening to the arrangement. Upon finishing it i was not sure what to do with it as i had no connections at Epic / Sony.  I gave my “Earth Song” Remix on a DAT to Frankie Knuckles and the rest as they say is HIStory ; ) .

Frankie told me this ” Hani, you did exactly what this song deserved, Your work is sublime, you should have seen the reaction on the dance floor” . I was so happy.   I heard Frankie play it on the air at New York’s station Hot 97 several times. 3 weeks went by then one morning  my friend Michael McDavid excited on the phone telling me that  Frank Ceraolo  (A&R Epic) at the time is looking for me.  I called frank who was very excited and happy about it. He pitched it to Michael Jackson’s manager for approval.  Frank mentioned me that Epic had no plans on releasing  “EARTH SONG”. Epic  actually had another song  in mind slated for release called “This Time Around“. A big remix package was ready to go however, the label thought it wasn’t  strong enough. They simply needed this!!

Upon MJ’s approval of  my remix, i learned later on that MJ is going all out with a big budget Video to EARTH SONG” .  After hanging up the phone a jolt of energy made me jump in the air so high i almost touched the sky.  I had to get out of the studio for a walk to gather my thoughts as this was big to me.  I couldn’t fathom the idea of  remixing Michael Jackson for real. An artist like no other.

In order to complete the remix package,  I was granted access to his studio room at the famous Hit Factory . Upon entering the room my eyes went directly to the TR-909 Drum Machine & JUNO-106  Synth that both had his name printed on.  I instantly gained even more respect for MJ . This man liked to mess around with gear too. I sat at the SSL Console for few hours extracting all the parts to “Earth Song” on DAT. The stems / parts to this song are unreal and out of this world.   I left the Hit Factory that night with so much more respect for MJ as I was pretty sure this time  how big this is going to be.

Two months later The song reached No:1 in several countries.  In the UK it stayed at No:1 for Six weeks during Christmas 95′.

IN 1996 My “Earth Song” Remix got included on a Michael Jackson album!!!! WHAT?          YES!….. MJ decided to release a remix compilation album “Blood on The Dance Floor”.

Just two years ago i arrived in New York City  simply trying my luck at producing dance music . I did not even dream of this.
Micahael Jackson


Thank You God, Michael Jackson, Frankie Knuckles, Frank Ceraolo, Michael McDavid.

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Additional Production & Remix by Hani @ NUM Sound , NYC.

I was not happy with the Mastering of this remix  . It got distorted by the Mastering engineer Bernnie Crundman.  NOT KOOL .

I have Remastered it the way it should be.

Due to the lack of  funds & total disregard by Record Labels,  Most of my work is not available anywhere  online.  I’ve put an extensive effort in Remastering all my Productions &  Remixes to make them available here on djhani.com . I had to do this  before i die to save this work from extinction because no one else will .  

With your support this music will live on forever . The money i make here goes to  keeping this site alive & running .


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